Valone's Vacuums has been serving the Clearwater area since 1960! Stop in and see us at our store on Hercules Ave. Get SUPERIOR VALUE by repairing your vaccum, or purchasing a new or rebuilt one, from a Vacuum Professional. In the current economy, many folks are deciding to repair their vacuum, instead of purchasing a new one that might only last a year or two anyway. We can help you decide if that's a good decision or not, since all estimates are free. For those on a tight budget, that usually is the best way to go. However, if you decide that it is not in your best interests to repair your vacuum, we do take trade-in's towards new and used vacuums. If you purchase a vacuum cleaner, you will get, a fully guaranteed / warrantied,  HIGH QUALITY, EASY-TO-USE vacuum cleaner, while being taylor-fit to match YOUR NEEDS AND YOUR BUDGET. Whether for residential use or commercial, Valone's Vacuums has the RIGHT machine for you! Visit Valone's Vacuum Sales & Repair for VACUUMS, VACUUM REPAIRS and VACUUM SUPPLIES, including filters, hoses, dry cleaning powder, stain removers and much more. Valone's Vacuum Sales & Repair offers QUALITY vacuum cleaners and professional vacuum repair at an affordable price.